The Government restrictions on ‘non-essential retail’ are being lifted from 15th June 2020. As one business that I believe fits under this umbrella term, the studio will be open from that date, but obviously with some restrictions in place, and a call for sensible and reasonable behaviour inside and outside the studio.

Any visits to the studio of whatever type will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. No walk-ins are permitted and this will be noted on the main door to the studio. Please do not enter without having an appointment.

The website ( has been updated for all services explaining any restrictions on particular offerings but the following is a brief summary of what is offered:-

Family studio photography – but only with ONE INDIVIDUAL or ONE HOUSEHOLD. There will be NO mixing of extended families or combining households. This will also apply to all studio shoots such as Pet Shoots, Newborn/Maternity Shoots etc. Please check individual services for details.

Passport Photos – will also be available and will be again ONE INDIVIDUAL or persons from ONE HOUSEHOLD in any one booking.

Video to DVD or Digital Video Files – you can drop off tapes for transfer and collect – again by appointment only.

Studio Hire – will be permitted but as with studio photography are limited to one model / one family from one household, and one photographer.

And please note the following:-

  • Appointments will not run back to back, there will be time between appointments for me to clean the doors handles, stair banisters and any other equipment used in the previous appointment.
  • Hand washing is recommended on entering and leaving the studio. Facilities will be available as will paper towels.
  • Social Distancing must be maintained wherever possible with the studio – children must not wander too far and touch things they shouldn’t. If this is, or becomes, a problem, the shoot may be cancelled. This is for your protection as well as mine and other customers.
  • Face Coverings – I shall be wearing a face covering during appointments, again as much to protect you as anything else. You may choose to wear them yourself and remove them when the camera is pointed at you (although you may wish a photo with them too – a picture of the moment!)
  • Please DO NOT Arrive early for your appointment – you must arrive at the time of the appointment (plus or minus 5 minutes and no later than 15 minutes late). You must not too arrive early so to minimise the risk of meeting the previous appointment leaving the premises. If early, please stay in your car or in the yard at least 2 metres from anyone else in the yard.
  • Hot & Cold drinks – these can still be provided but should be minimally used – you are advised to bring your own food and drink to minimise risk.

You will be asked to accept these terms as a condition of making a booking. I shall point you at them when you book.

The services listed above may not be the only services possible – If you see a service on my list that you want, please ring and discuss and we can see what can be done within the guidelines laid out.

Call 07803 710700 to book an appointment or discuss a service.

Thank you for your cooperation. Andy