Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked.  Please contact us if you have any other questions or need any clarification.



How do I book you?
Please contact us with your requirements / dates / questions and we will arrange a consultation - either over the phone or face to face.

What happens at this meeting?
We will discuss your requirements and probably ask you many questions about what you want and how you want things done.  You will no doubt have many questions for us and we will agree the requirements.  At that meeting or soon after, we shall provide a quote for the package you have requested.  This quote will be valid for 30 days (or longer by agreement) from a booking perspective. 

How do I secure the booking?
Generally for events/weddings etc, we will require a deposit of £50.  That will secure the date for the event/wedding.  Studio Shoots will require no deposit.

What if the event/wedding shoot date needs to change?
If for any reason we cannot make the date required, we shall refund all monies paid to date.  If you need to cancel or postpone an event/wedding, we can rearrange the date and there will be no charge if not within 21 days of the event.  If within 21 days, there will be an administration charge of £30.  If the date cannot be actioned as another booking is already in place, then the booking will have to be cancelled, and all monies refunded except for an admin charge of £15. 

What if the studio shoot date needs to change?
If for any reason we cannot make the date required we shall let you know as soon as possible.  If you then wish to cancel, there is no charge.  If you fail to turn up for an appointment without reference to us, there will be an additional £25 charge when you rebook.  If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice there will be no additional charge, and the booking can be rescheduled.


The Event Day

What happens if one of the photographers is ill or some other emergency prevents availability on the day?
That's the beauty of having two photographers on an event - one of us will make it even if another cannot.  If we cannot get a substitute to accompany (from our circle of colleagues), we will refund a portion of the final bill for the inconvenience caused.  It should not affect the overall quality of the shoot and the images.  The refund amount will depend on the services being provided.

What time do you start?
We will have agreed start and end times with you and will arrive always before that time.

What if our timings change on the day?
If your timings change and if we are able to, we will stay on with your agreement.  There will be an additional charge though of up to £15 per hour per photographer.

Can we put a list together of shots we want taken at our event?
Yes, in fact we encourage you to think about what you want us to take.   We will do our best to fullfil all your requirements. 

Can we see any photos on the day?
Depending on the type of shoot, this may be possible, but the images will be proofs - not the final product.  With all shoots there is an allowance in cost and time for some minor enhancing/processing for each image.

The Studio

Where is the studio and how is it kitted out?
The studio is in Wath upon Dearne - see here for details >>> Find Studio. The studio has many sets of professional lights, modifiers etc as well as backdrops, props to make the studio shoot work for you! The studio now has 3 areas to shoot in.  See further details >>> Studio

Are there always two photographers at the events and studio photoshoots?
That will depend on requirements, for weddings we would always recommend two, but it is up to you.  For other events it would not be so important.  For studio work, normally only one would be needed.

What facilities are at the studio?
There is a changing area - smallish for children and families and a larger area for models with a lot of kit! There is a toilet and sink, as well as tea and coffee facilities. There is a fridge with soft drinks and cold water available.  There is a comfortable sitting area too.

Is music played?
The studio does not have a PRS or PPL license for music so the only music playable during shoots is the copyright / royalty free music on my computer.  Or you play your own music with your own equipment.


Timing of image delivery

What is the lead time for photos/images to be delivered?
For studio shoots, the CD/DVD of images should be available within 48 hours and by request could be available same day (depending on other commitments).
For event shoots (including weddings), these should be available on the website and CD / DVD after about 14 days.

And prints ordered through Just For You Photography?
These will take a little longer - these will be available within 2 weeks of ordering them (although we will strive to get them done within a week if possible).  If the orders are small, we reserve the right to bundle up with other orders unless a small order surcharge is paid (£3.00 extra).


Prices of Prints

What are the prices for individual prints?
We have all our printing done at a professional quality lab and the prints are posted out to us.  If you require prints below the value of £25 we will have to charge additional postage and handling costs to cover the labs postal charges (£5 per order).  For prints above £25 value, this will be waived.  These are reprint guide prices only, we will tailor a package to suit your requirements and bundled with an event or photoshoot, the prices will be discounted.
Album sets are available as well... eg. a 50 print 10 x 8 set for an album (album cost extra) is £180.  Other package quotes available on request or as part of the initial package you might want quoting for.


Copyright to Images 

What ownership do I have of the images?
If there is agreement to buy a CD/DVD of the images, you are granted joint ownership of the copyright and can freely distribute to family, friends etc as long as the images are not used for commercial purposes.
If commercial use is required for the images this can be negotiated on an image by image basis or for the whole photoshoot - price will depend on usage.  We reserve the right to use any photo taken for publicity / website purposes - unless you object with good reason.

Why is there a watermark on the web images?
That is standard practice to protect the copyright against internet theft.  Despite they are low resolution, they are still good enough to be used on other websites etc.


Website of Images

Who has access to the website?
We will put your images up on a website address linked to this website.  We will supply you with the password to access those images.  You may supply that password to anyone you want to look at those photos, we will not supply the password to anyone else.  So the only people who should see your photos are those you give the password too.  If you think the password has been compromised or mis-used, just contact us and we can reset it to a new one for you to distribute (free service up to 3 resets in the first 3 months).

How long will they be on the website for?
Images will be stored on the website for a minimum of 6 months (or sooner if you instruct us to remove).  At 6 months or later, they may be removed by us without notice - if you wish them to remain, they can be left there for a small charge (6 months for £10).  Please contact us if you wish them to remain following 6 months after your event or photoshoot.

The website is a generic gallery store... any other options?
For an additional cost, we can develop you an individual wedding website for showing your images.  You can contribute to the base design.  Costs of this start from £40 for the design, £5 for an individual website name (per year), £15 per year for hosting on it's own webspace. Please e-mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form to discuss any requirements on this.