DBS Status

JFYP Studio / Andy Harris – Do I have or need a DBS/CRB certificate?

UK legislation does not currently allow for self employed people to request a DBS (formerly CRB) check on themselves. Only under very strict and well defined circumstances can DSB (CRB) checks be requested

This must be done by employers or agencies. Unfortunately, JFYP Studio trades as single person limited liability business, and therefore, I am considered self employed. As JFYP is not an employer, I cannot request DBS (CRB) checks on myself.

Therefore, if I am undertaking work which requires a standard or enhanced DBS (CRB) disclosures, for example, photographing children or vulnerable adults on location at schools, play groups, activity centres, churches or other religious buildings etc. it is the responsibility of the requesting organisation (of the work) to seek a check on me. I am more than happy to submit to any required and valid DBS (CRB) requests. Be aware of that and the timescale implications when booking me.

It should be emphasised that as a professional photographer, I am not employed by the school/organisation, and therefore have NO responsibility for the children.  The teachers/carers (who must be DBS/CRB checked) are employed to have that responsibility and therefore should ensure I am chaperoned at all times in the presense of children/vulnerable adults. I will refuse to continue a shoot if l am to be left alone with children or vulnerable adults.

So far I have not needed to prove this check and no-one has requested on my behalf.

Be assured though that I will not work on a location (voluntary or otherwise) that would leave me alone with children or vulnerable adults – a teacher/carer/parent will always need to be present (including at all studio family/child shoots/studio parties).