Happy New Year… (Covid-Update)

Another year, another lockdown…! I guess we should be getting well used to the see-saw motions for businesses whilst the pandemic is on. So to confirm the latest restrictions and their affect on the studio and services provided…

The studio is to shut from Tuesday 5th Jan for the rest of the January and into February, possibly re-opening mid- Feb. This will be confirmed as and when…

This means most studio services cannot be provided as you cannot visit. The studio is closed under the banner of non-essential retail.

However, the following services CAN STILL BE PROVIDED – by me working from home!

This simple easy view graphic below will tell you at a glance what is and isn’t available (or allowed) during this next 6 weeks or so, but as always please feel free to message or call to discuss any requirements. The services shaded in Green can be provided, the Amber ones can also be provided but with some restrictions and the Red unfortunately cannot be provided at all.

And of course I will be taking any bookings for late Feb onwards (no obligation, no deposit required – just in case).

Call / message on 07803 710700

or Email andy@jfyp.co.uk

Can be provided:-

Wedding chats/bookings, ordering prints/canvases, design of business and personal graphics, gift vouchers, training (with some restrictions), video to DVD/Digital File transfers, me editing your photos, scanning your photos/negatives, restore and repair of photos. If in doubt, just ask…!

Cannot be provided:-

Anything based in the studio (ie. portraiture, passport shots, studio parties, newborn./maternity shoots, model shoots or studio hire etc),

Can possibly be provided:-

Commercial photography – although some restrictions will have to apply. Call with requirements and see what is possible!

Call / message on 07803 710700

or Email andy@jfyp.co.uk

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